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Hi, I’m Claire

Award-winning video game dev at Sky Bear Games, Pokémon enthusiast

I found my bag of Pokémon stuff from when I was ten years old in 1999-2000. I also found my hand-written and -drawn episode guide, and many, many pages of the comic I drew back then, Pokemon 4000, including pages of unique additions to the Pokedex that my classmates and I came up with. Join me as I revel in some delicious nostalgia!


You can find out more about me and my non-Pokémon stuff at the links below, such as my video games (including my award-winning video game!)

Mondays: Pokémon 4000
Wednesdays (currently finished? unless more stuff is found?): Stuff from the stash
Fridays: Episode Guide

Episode #27: Hypno’s Naptime

Transcript: A woman came up to me. She said that lots of children disapeared. We went to a Pokémon centre where all the Pokémon were losing energy. A police lady picked up sleep waves coming from a mansion. Hypno was helping people get to sleep. That was making children disapear. So we took Drowsy toContinue reading “Episode #27: Hypno’s Naptime”